Puppy sitting and Disney love

This weekend was fast, full and fun.

I babysat this little cutie, my ‘niece’ Oakley.


I worked.

I watched Beauty & the Beast 3D!

20120206-095619.jpg I love Disney movies!

I also did some pinterest projects, one being a cute orange sweater to cardigan refashion (pictured unfinished)


This made me decide I need a sewing machine, anyone have suggestions? Something easy to use preferably, I’m not a professional, but I have things to accomplish.

When I got home last night, Molly immediately became a leech. I think she was missing attention while Oakley was here.


I love that cute little pug.

I watched a little bit of the Super Commercials Bowl, and my favorite part was the brown M&M commercial. Did you have a favorite commercial? You better not say the chevy commercial, because I’m a Ford girl!

Also, if you haven’t yet, hop over to Vote YES for AmPo Kids to learn about the 2012 AmPo Bond Issue, then like the Facebook page. We posted a new blog today, and a big thanks goes to David Ratcliff for writing and supporting Vote YES!

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