Today, one of my very best friends celebrated her 21st birthday.

One of my first memories is holding her in the hospital. It’s not a really clear memory, but I was just shy of 2, and was likely plotting revenge for stealing half of the attention. Lucky for her, she was cute so I didn’t drop her on her head. I remember it because that was the day I met my first best friend, and I just knew we had many adventures in store!

I remember playing baby dolls and Barbie dolls with her. We dressed up for Halloween and for football games.

I remember her cutting her own hair in my room as a little girl and expecting no one to figure it out.

I remember being bit by “Chomper.”

I remember being cone heads by putting too much shampoo in our hair.

I remember fighting, a lot, but if anyone else said anything close to a bad word, taking up for each other (even in the middle of the worst fights).

I remember driving 8 hours to New Mexico with you, alone…A terrible fight was had, but looking back, I didn’t want anyone else to go with me.

I remember lunch in high school before you could drive. Oh goodness.

I remember secrets shared, tears cried, and laughing until we hurt. (“that’s terrific!”)

I remember not even having to say a word or even look at each other, and knowing exactly what is wrong or right.

I remember all these and even more memories we have made together.

I am so thankful for you, Mag. You are, and have always been, a beautiful and strong girl. I am so blessed to call you my cousin, but even more so to call you my friend. I pray this year is more amazing than any other. Happy birthday!

Love you,

Magan, me and Mac (mag’s boyfriend) at my graduation.


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