i see essie

For years, literally, I wore a color on my nails called Shae Pink. Le, the guy who used to do my nails, decided it was perfect for me. All through college and most of the time I’ve been working, I’ve work Shae Pink. However, I have only one bottle left (sad day), and decided I should lay off the Shae Pink for a while and find another color that will work with me.

First, I bought Essie’s ‘Your Hut or Mine.’ It’s a bright pink-y coral with some shimmer to it…I’m not a fashion blogger so don’t hold me to high standards for my polish description. Just know it was good. Or, technically, is good, because I still have like half a bottle left. I searched for it on their website and they don’t make it anymore. Seriously? I bought it like two months ago. Jeez. I need to keep up with nail fashion a bit better I guess.

In the last few weeks, I was feeling the need for something a bit more subtle, but still fun. I went for a pinkish nude color this time, called eternal optimist. Essie’s website describes it as “spiced tea rose with a dash of cream.” So far, I’m liking. I never stick with a nude color too long, but I’m feeling the need to be a bit of a grown up in my selection for a few days (ha! As I type this, I’m wearing leggings, a big sweatshirt, a messy pony on top of my head and house shoes). Anyway, on to the pins of the day.

Essie's Eternal Optimist

Essie's Eternal Optimist


Cuppow... turns your mason jar into a drinking glass you can take with you. love! 🙂

Happy Pinning!

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