Number three has never felt so amazing.

Number three in the country.

While many fans may be disappointed, I am SO PROUD of the Cowboys. Incredible season. 11-1. Those boys in Stillwater have shown the country what’s up this year. I’m counting down a road trip to Arizona with Matt, Momma and Cindy to watch OSU in the first BCS bowl OSU has ever played in. Talk about a special year.

Fiesta is a noun meaning party. So fitting!

This tweet was from earlier this season, but I wanted to share it.

You tell ’em the COWBOYS are coming!

My phone, of course, died during the game. No more pictures.

I just love Cowboy football. Actually, I love OSU in general. I’m so proud to be an alumna of the school sporting America’s Brightest Orange. Going to Stillwater for games and activities truly does feel like going home – but somewhere special, nostalgic, incredible. I can only imagine how much this feeling will increase as the years go on.

Proud and immortal
Bright shines your name
Oklahoma State
We hearald your fame
Ever you’ll find us
Loyal and true
To our alma mater

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