The seasons where bows appear everywhere…and I LOVE IT!

Oh how I love bows. And this season, I get to put them on EVERYTHING!

My tree will have a bow:


Of course my hair will have bows (and headbands, and other accessories). And the presents I give, I promise you, will be wearing bows. I just love bows. This post isn’t actually about bows, I just wanted to let you know how much I love them.

Have you ever receive a Christmas present so awesome that it stuck with you for forever? I have, quite a few actually.

When I was little, and by that I mean really little, like a baby-toddler, I got my first dog, a pug named No-No. (This isn’t No-No. Its my Molly girl. I don’t have any pictures of No-No on my phone though, so Molly will have to do.)


When I was a little older, I got a horse, Rosie (Once again, not Rosie. This is Princess’s mane.)


I also got a Barbie dream boat (thanks for the picture google)


In 2009 I got a guitar (quite the help for bringing me up on bad days after my accident, even if I still don’t know how to play it). (again, picture from google)


The present we can all receive didn’t come from Santa. It didn’t wear a bow, unlike all my presents. It’s something we can all have and share with others. You don’t even need a black Friday or small business Saturday or cyber Monday sale to be able to afford it.

You read my blog. You know the present.

The baby who was born, lived perfectly, was crucified, buried, rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and is coming again.


The most wonderful gift I’ve ever received. The reason to celebrate. The whole reason Christmas is not just another day.

So as you wrap your presents and stick on the bows, remember who we are celebrating.


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