I give you my Orange.

Tonight’s loss to Iowa State certainly wasn’t in the plan for the seemingly national-championship bound Cowboys.

Last night’s loss of four members of the Oklahoma State community wasn’t in the plan for anyone either.

Tonight I am thankful for the perspective of the Oklahoma State University family. Remembering the most important thing tonight isn’t football, but rather, honoring and remembering the four people who were tragically lost in a plane crash. Knowing that winning a football game, having that dream season, is incredibly enjoyable, but knowing that the most heartbreaking loss this week didn’t happen on a football field in Ames, Iowa. It happened in an airplane outside of Little Rock.

My prayers are with the families of Coach Budke, Coach Serna and the Branstetters. With the ladies of the Cowgirl Basketball team. With the University administration, Coach Littell and others who will be called upon for leadership and guidance in the coming days, weeks, months. With all those wearing orange.

All of us wearing orange in our hearts know that orange is more than just a color.

Orange is love. Orange is hope. Orange is family. Orange is strength. Orange is support. Orange is perseverance. Orange is together.

Orange is powerful.

I have no words to truly express my emotions and thoughts. It is heartbreaking. I pray those affected will find their source of comfort, strength and peace in God.


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