passion2011 – service

As many of you know, I had the opportunity to come this weekend to Passion Conference with my church from FBC Tuttle. We are at the halfway mark & so far it is incredible.

We were broken into community groups, and from there family groups. My group was discussing specific ways we needed prayer and in what ways we were struggling to reach our world (our discussion varied a little from the talking point on the screen, I am not exactly sure what that was even).

Personally, I am finding it hard to nave a servant’s heart. Its weird for me honestly because I grew up desiring to serve until there was nothing left to give. Maybe its not so much even that I’m struggling to serve as much as I’m finding it difficult to. I know its not supposed to be awaking in the park, but…

In college it was so easy to serve. Now, its really not. I still have that desire, but faced with the challenges and stress with big kid life and a job and the real world, the passion for the desire has kind of faded. There really should be no excuse though. The only difference is the age I am now getting to serve, and their location. Being out of the safeness of Stillwateris no excuse. There are people serving way out of their comfort zone worldwide, I shy away from it at home, at my job, in my family or with my friends?

So friends, what I’m asking of you today is to pray for me to passionately serve again. I have plenty of opportunities every day.

How/who are you serving? What challenges (or maybe excuses) do you face?

-shae suzanne


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