Confessions of a recent grad

I miss school.

There, I said it. While many of my friends are whining about walking all the way across campus in the freezing cold, I’m sitting at work wishing I was one of them!

Don’t get me wrong, I am so proud of graduating early and the overall accomplishment of just graduating in general. However, I LOVED school. A lot. I loved being around people, I loved learning, I loved the environment, I loved living on my own, I loved Stillwater… I loved everything about being a student at OSU.

I really hope my friends each have a great semester – even though I’m not there to experience the ups and downs of it with you, please share them with me. I miss my friends so much – I’ll be up for basketball games so catch up with me then! That being said, a few of my friends left a giant imprint on my life while I was in school – Caylee, Catie, Brittany, Kevin, Hailey, Momma Bear & Sister Bear…you guys helped make college for me. There are so many more people who were my friends that I can’t list everyone here, but I can’t imagine how much different it would have been without that core group of people, who, at one point or throughout my time in Stillwater, were the best of the best. I miss you guys tons. I guess technically Caylee, Momma Bear and Sister Bear have also become big kids with me, but I still miss them and they are still shining stars in my OSU memories!

Be praying for decisions I’ll be making over the next weeks/months… I will be applying to grad school – I’ve found a program I think is a great fit & I am really excited about it. I will be transitioning into my big girl job & I want to be a witness to those around me. I know God has giant plans for me…I’m just not good at sitting on the sidelines waiting.

♥, Shae Suzanne


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