for as much as she runs she’s still here

I just realize it has been FOREVER since I blogged. Why? Well, homecoming mostly, but throw in some school and fun and you’ll quickly understand I’m a busy girl! Since I don’t have all time time in the world, I’ll do a quick life rundown and promise to be back soon (as in probably after homecoming!)

My Phi Lamb Phamily grew!! We are so blessed to add my newest little Cindy, my g littles Lauren E & Lauren H, and my g nieces Macy & Morgan to our phamily! I love all of you and I can’t wait to get to know you and watch God work in your life!

Small Phamily



Some of my original phi lamb phamily!

Like I said, homecoming is ruling my life right now. And it’s always nice for some unexpected humor in stressful times, right? Well, my co-director, James, happens to be good at that…When I was looking for a plastic bag to put tshirt money in all he could find was a glove. So here you have it, the t-shirt money glove. At least no one messed with the money!
Tshirt Money Glove

Also, Mom Deb is breaking me of saying “like”. It’s harder than you think! If I don’t get anything else out of homecoming, this will be worth it!

Well, I also have a cat now. We don’t get along. She doesn’t have a name because I’m not sure what to call an evil cat. I’ve never had a cat period, now I’m stuck temporarily with an evil one. I also don’t have any pictures of here. Feel the love, I know. We’ll see how much longer we tolerate each other.

And, as if anyone could forget, my big graduated last May and I REALLY miss her! So when this picture popped up on Facebook it delighted me. I can’t wait until Homecoming when I FINALLY get to see Caylee again! Love you big!

A bit of advice:

Kendal's Tip of the Day

Kendal's Tip of the Day

Well, that was the 140 second version of my current life. For more up to date information in only 140 characters, follow me on Twitter. I’m @shaeken.

Love, Pomp, & (Phi Lambs will never get this…) USE GLUE!!!
-Shae Suzanne

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