A lot has happened over the last two weeks. I’ll share the good news first – I was released from the doctor on July 30!! Eight months and 11 days. That’s a LONG time, especially for someone so impatient like me. I learned a lot in those months.

I learned how precious life is. Milliseconds could have changed the outcome. God truly had his hand on me in that moment.

I learned how faithful God is. Never once did I feel like it was too much to bear. Never once did I feel I was going to have to give up. Yes, I had some bad days. When you go through such trauma you generally will. However, I always knew God would pull me through. He proved himself over and over again.

I learned how great my family is. My parents of course came straight to the hospital. But the rest of my family – they immediately started praying and just never stopped. Words cannot express how thankful I am for everything each one of them did. Kaden and Kale – thank you for taking care of me, taking orders and being good little brothers. Now, if only you could act like that all the time 🙂 Magan – thank you for pushing me in the wheelchair during Christmas shopping (until you turned into your evil twin). Oh the joy of day after Thanksgiving! haha. Katie and Jared – thank you for taking me to the movies (Go Pokes!), to Pop’s and keeping me entertained. The rest of my family – you are all incredible and I don’t think I could have made it without your prayers and love.

I learned how blessed I am to have great friends. Hailey – thank you for coming to the hospital and taking care of everything. Sorry for waking you up on your day off classes! I knew everything would be OK when you got there to take care of it all. Caylee – thank you for driving to OKC to pick me up so I could get away from Tuttle for a weekend. Swim House – thank you for crossing the street with me and letting me stay whenever I wanted to. I have the best Big and Adopteds 🙂 Brittany – thank you for being a constant friend and praying so much! I never think twice about asking you to pray about something. Littles – Catie – thank you for taking care of me and bringing me food and medicine when I felt like I was on my death bed! Also for letting me stay at your house and helping me figure out what to do next when things go wrong. Paige – thank you for coming to Tuttle to check on me and bring me coloring books and CDs. I’m so thankful to have two wonderful littles. Jim, Terri, Stephen and Cherish – thank you for bringing pizza, a CD and being great friends. Cherish and Terri, thank you for the girls evening – I had so much fun! Shelly and all the AGCM department – thank you for making sure I was going to make it and working with me on all my classes. I have been so blessed over the last three years. There are so many more friends who were there for me, calling me, checking on me – Jess, Colin, Cinda, Patrick, Twinnie and many more – thank you so much for caring.

I learned God can do anything. The song that helped me through the whole deal was Steven Curtis Chapman’s Faithful. The first time I heard it, I was in the car driving for the first time since the accident (I doubt I was even going more than a mile!). It made such an impression on me. Check it out here.

I know I said there was more to this post than just good news, and there is. Keep watching and praying. More will come in the next few days.

Shae Suzanne

One thought on “11.19.2009/7.20.2010

  1. Patrick Davis says:

    Love it! So glad you finally got released from the doctor! You’re right you do have an amazing family!

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