‘Twas the night before Friday and all through the camp, not a creature was stirring…

Except Magan.

Mag came back to the cabin at about midnight aftyer attending FBC Washington’s in-cabin devo. At 12:08, she remembered she was supposed to call her mom.

“Hey I’m going to walk out front so I have service and call my mom.”

She wasn’t back by 12:30 so I got a little worried. I walked outside, around the cabin, to the creek. No Magan. So I had to go wake my mom up (she was cooking for the campers). Finally, at 12:40, Magan answered her phone.

“I’m on the hill kind of by the tabernacle by the bog cabin. I’m coming back though.”

Keep in mind, no one was supposed to be out od the cabin at all past 11:45. Clearly, we were waaaayy past that mark!

It turned out she walked across the creek to the front of camp, out the gates, back in the gates, back around to the tabernacle, down the hill, around a corner and into a big parking lot to get service. On her way back to our cabin, which was literally across the creek, she had service the entire time. Amazingly, the “Falls Creek Police” (golf carts driving around) didn’t see her. How, I don’t know!

So, it’s about 1 a.m. and Magan got hungry. So she dug ranch chips out of the trash can, made a triple decker mustard and bread sandwich and had a glass of tea. She finally got tired and went to sleep. Good thing too – we had to leave at 5:15 the next morning to go to work.

It’s always an adventure with that Oompa Loompa.

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