Falls Creek 2010 – Sent

Thursday night I visited the FBC Tuttle youth at Falls Creek; what a great week it has been for them! Many of the group have come to know Christ, many have redidcated their lives, they have had awesome group prayer time, they’ve heard some great speakers and they have played some great volleyball! Tommy Woodard (of The Skit Guys) paid a visit to the cabin after the in-cabin devotion and the youth loved meeting him.

It was so weird not seeing James Lankford and hearing him speak! One of my favorite Falls Creek memories is when James was speaking at my church’s cabin. He said “Go to the ends of the Earth.” My cousin, in all seriousness, said “But James, I thought the earth was round!!”

The Skit Guys were the speakers, and they were awesome. The night I went they talked about your life script. I don’t know about you all, but my life hasn’t always gone as I planned. But that’s just it – its not what I have planned for me, it’s what God has planned. And I know his plans, the script he wrote for my life, are so much better than my best dreams.

Has your “script” been rewritten from what you had planned?

Kaden (brother) & Tommy Woodard (1/2 of The Skit Guys) at the cabin

Kaden (brother) & Tommy Woodard (1/2 of The Skit Guys) at the cabin


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