Photo Update

Like I said, I’m pretty far overdue in updating people on my life. I suppose I can say I’ve been busy, but really, who hasn’t been? So before I get back into the routine of blogging, I thought I’d do a quick photo update so you’d all know what’s kept me away for so long…

Mom and Kaden

The OKC Marathon! I’m so proud of my brother, he ran the entire 5k! In all, almost 50 of my family and family friends walked the 5K in memory of my cousin, Blake.

Kaden Black Belt

Kaden got his black belt! Once again, I am SO PROUD of my brother!! (I’m proud of Kale too, I just don’t have any pictures of him at the moment that I know of!)

My big and best friend, Caylee, graduated!! GO CAYLEE!!!!! I will be lost without you next year, but I am so excited for the opportunities you will have in the future. I hope your internship is going well and you get a super job afterward. If you must move to Alaska, at least it will mean good vacations for me! 🙂

Jared is now officially my coolest cousin 🙂 haha. Katie Kennedy became Katie Voegeli on May 22! Congrats Jared and Katie!

LAKE SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This might be the most exciting picture of all (kidding, kidding!). After Amanda & Austin’s wedding in Stillwater (congrats, you two!) I went to the lake to spend the rest of my long weekend. I drove onto the dam just in time to see this beautiful sunset. By the time I reached the other side (after stopping to stare since there were no other cars), it had completely gone down. Those of you who know me well will probably know sunsets are one of my favorite parts of God’s Creation and I LOVE seeing them. I never get tired of watching sunsets, and driving from Stillwater to Ft. Cobb let me watch this one in its entirety!

I had surgery on my knee on June 10, and they put this bracelet on me. I should probably wear one of these all the time.

Mom got a little sick trying to take the wrap off my knee two days after surgery!! They were able to find some things to repair in my knee, thankfully. I will start PT soon so keep me in your prayers!

Patrick is my faithful blog reader and commenter, so I felt I should pay tribute to him by including him in the update. We’ve been friends since forever, and I beat him a few times in sheep showmanship at the county fairs 🙂

What would YOU, my faithful blog friends, like me to blog about? Any topics in particular?

Have a great week and be blessed!
Shae Suzanne

Music for the Week:
Don’t Stop Believin’, Glee cover

2 thoughts on “Photo Update

  1. Patrick Davis says:

    Well thank you very much for the shout out and yes you did beat me a few times and I beat you some too but the most important part is all the amazing times we had together when we showed, especially since we were the envy of the sheep barn.NO ONE is as cool as we are!!!!!! By the way I love the music suggestion for the week GLEE is one of my favorites.Keep blogging and I will continue to read.

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