So, dont tell anyone, but…

One thing I’ve noticed in my 21 years on earth is that people STINK at keeping secrets and promises. And, for some reason, some of the people you trust the most (your “best” friends) seem to be the people that break the promises.

One area I’ve noticed friends seem to have difficulty is with boys (Guys, sorry, this is from a girl’s POV. Leave yours in the comments!).

I remember in 5th grade, one of my then-besties asked my “crush” to “go out” with me. In high school, another friend would never dream (yeah right!) of telling a guy I liked him! Maybe your bestie isn’t telling the guy/his friends you like him, maybe she’s telling everyone else. All your friends, all your enemies, all your family… Sound familiar?

Maybe it has nothing to do with a guy. Maybe we’re telling other secrets about each other – who got the promotion, who hates their boss, who couldn’t make it in the top house, who has an eating disorder, who had a fight with their parents or maybe “just” revealing details about a bad day.

No matter what it is, these things we’re telling were told to us in confidence. Why, ladies, do we have to tell things our friends trust us not to? Even if she never said “don’t say anything”, many of these things were told in secret. Some things you might have discovered accidentally (or on purpose), and she didn’t even want you to know.

Remember when we were first graders breaking pinky promises was the worst thing we could do? When did that change?

My challenge to you, ladies, is to keep secrets. Keep unspoken pinky promises just as well as you keep spoken ones. Be the girl your sister can confide in and know her secret is safe with you.

Love your sister. Love your friends. A true bestie is so hard to find.

Thank you to my bestie for being the best. You keep my secrets and love me no matter how difficult it might be.

-Shae Suzanne

Music for the week:
True Friend, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
Fifteen and I’m only Me When I’m With You Taylor Swift

Sent with love from Shae’s BlackBerry.

Sent with love from Shae’s BlackBerry.

One thought on “So, dont tell anyone, but…

  1. Patrick Davis says:

    I really like this post and that is one thing that I have never understood about girls! Guys can tell our other guy friends something and it is never spoken about again. That could be that guys dont really share secrets that often so that may be why we dont. I also think it is because some girls just look for ways to stir up drama. My advice is that if you really dont want something told to everbody keep it to yourself.

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