Friday Favorites

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1. New U Nutrition {Herbalife}
I stopped by Monday at lunch for a shake & tea, and my comment on Facebook was “hello delicious.” Seriously – I had a Reese’s Cheesecake shake & a Raspberry Lemonade tea, and it was amazing. I will definitely be going back soon I’ve gone back every day this week. That good. Find a place that makes Herbalife shakes in your area and try one (this is east of Mustang across from Aaron’s on the north side of highway 152, for my local friends). I’ve tried making the shakes myself and failed miserably, it just didn’t taste the same…but their Cinnamon Toast Crunch tastes just like the cereal. I’m more than willing to spend $6 to get to drink a delicious, healthy shake every day.

2. My Birchbox eyeliner
I already talked about this one this week, but I’ve worn it every day and I appreciate it more each time I see that it’s stayed put. That’s all.

3. Girls Night
Aka tonight. Caylee is in town and we are staying at Meg’s and having a blast. In fact, I wrote this yesterday because she’s here right now and if I had to guess what we’ll be doing today, it’ll probably involve laughing at each other’s hilarious stories and shopping for the Pinterest-y sort of night ahead. There’s just something about having best friend time that makes my heart really, really happy.

I ordered one of their Long Sleeved Monogrammed T-Shirts on Thursday and I already am planning when and where to wear it. My go-to outfit lately has been a long sleeve shirt, a long cami, skinny pants/leggings and Uggs. Within like 10 minutes of ordering, my shirt had started being processed. They’re SO fast on creating and delivering things, so I’m quite certain I’ll have it next week…meaning I’ll be wearing it soon. #CantWait
5. Liquid Mucinex
I was definitely feeling a little sickly-ish earlier this week. I took off from work a little early and went to the doctor. While I won’t get into the hot mess that was the doctor’s visit, I will say the advice to get liquid Mucinex was probably the best thing to come out of it. Within two doses I started feeling better. You’d think my sinuses would eventually realize I live in Oklahoma and the weather will always be crazy, and they’d behave. #DreamOn
PS – have you entered Cassie’s book giveaway yet? 

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You stay classy, bloggy friends.

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Friday, Friday, Friday. You, my friend, are, as always, a very welcome day of the week. I have high hopes the two days after you will be awesome. But even though i’m so excited to see you, I did like a few things about the week.

1. My Birchbox came in!!
After Tweeting about my shipment notification and being jealous that Lori got hers in before I did, I came home Thursday night to a glorious hot pink box sitting on the counter with my name on it.
{This is the part most people would insert a picture of their excitement…except I forgot to take one. Don’t worry, you’ll get a product review of the stuff inside my box – soon!}
Would you like to receive a box full of beautiful presents every month? Sign up here!

2. I finally got to experience Anchorman “in all its glory!”
As the movie started, I might have said “Oh, this is that Ron Burgundy movie!” I’m really trying to work on my “I’ve seen that movie” collection, and considering so many sayings I hear frequently came from this movie, I think this was a pretty good place to start! I’m no longer “that girl who’s never seen Anchorman!” Hooray!

3. Today means it’s only 7 days until I get to spend a whole day off hanging out with Caylee (&Meg)!!
I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about this. Craft night and best friend time – I’ve been looking forward to this for months since Caylee first made plans to come up for the weekend. I miiiiight even have a countdown going on. #NotEvenKidding

4. Getting up on time.
I’ve done a really good job of it this week. Typically I’m dragging myself out of bed at the very last second, but I’ve actually been waking up earlier all week!

5. Glasses!!
My job requires a lot of face time with the computer. Scratch that, my job is being in front of the computer. While I love, love, love my job – I mean, who wouldn’t love drawing pretty pictures and doing cool stuff with code and getting paid to be a social media ninja – my eyes sometimes don’t love my job. I made a visit to the doctor this week after having headaches and eye strain and only feeling like working if my computer screen was completely dim and my lights were off – you know, being a cave woman – and the eye doctor is getting me glasses to fix the eye strain! Most of the time after having LASIK no one would be jumping for joy at glasses, but considering I put my eyes through a lot, I’m trying to be nice to them, so reading glasses it is. Plus, they’re super cute, so that’s a plus.

Happy weekend, blog friends! Hope it’s a great one for you 🙂

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Saturday night

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I had the opportunity to take mini road trip Saturday night, and let me tell you, I couldn’t have asked for better or more fun passengers. The AmPo girls were in the finals of the Hinton basketball tournament, so, along with my brothers and two of their friends, I headed out to watch them, just minutes after returning from watching Kaden’s team beat Harding Prep.

I feel like most teenage boys wouldn’t want big sister hanging out, but the whole way over we jammed to music and I pretended to not be there as they talked girls and “text bombs.” Only once at the game did Kaden request I relocate to anywhere else in the gym, but then they realized I had money and they wanted food, so I was allowed to stay a few seats away 🙂 Also, the four of them had the best manners – no tooting or burping in my face, so that was a win!!

While driving home and thinking about the fun evening we had, I couldn’t help but realize that my baby brothers are no longer little boys! I wanted to squeeze every last second out of the night and capture every minute of the great night we’d had (even if I was kind of an onlooker…I understand what I put my parents through now – thanks mom and dad!!). I then looked over and saw Kale was very asleep and glanced back to see Kaden jamming with his Beats on his ears, so it was clear no more adventures were in store for the night 🙂 I’m sure in a few days they won’t even remember how much we (okay, I) enjoyed the evening, but this is a memory I will carry with me. They let me be a part of their lives, in on the jokes and laughter, and not just be their sister, but be a friend to them for the night. I prayed for so long when I was a little girl to have little brothers, and I was given the best two God could design.

Kaden and Kale, I am proud of you every single day. I am thankful for you, and being your sister – and your friend – is the best title I have ever been given. While I want you both to stay little forever, because let’s face it you getting old means I’m getting old, watching you grow up is so exciting. You are chasing dreams and reaching goals and being awesome. I hope you both know how much I love you.

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Slow Cooker Sweet BBQ Meatballs – Easy Recipe!

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For Christmas Eve, my Aunt Pam made delicious Sweet BBQ Meatballs. I loved them and set out on a mission to find the recipe (you know, because asking for it was too easy). Thanks to Pinterest I found it and decided it looked so easy I could do it!

The recipe from called for
1 32oz. bag of frozen meatballs
1 9oz jar of grape jelly
1 18oz bottle of spicy barbecue sauce (I used regular BBQ sauce instead of spicy, because I don’t like things to be too spicy, and it worked perfectly.)

Clearly I took a picture of all my ingredients. #not But I found them all at Walmart easily. I could only find a 12oz jar of jelly, so I just didn’t use all of it, and I couldn’t find a 32 oz. bag of meatballs – I used 26oz. It’s okay, they will just be extra saucy. Also, if it’s available, use Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce. It’s the best, I promise.

Oh, you’ll also need a slow cooker/Crock Pot. I bought a cute one at Walmart yesterday for $20!

Put the BBQ sauce and jelly in the crock pot and mix them up, then dump your meatballs in. Set the slow cooker on high and your timer for two and a half hours. Then grab a toothpick and stick it in a meatball to sample. Savor the taste. Share with everyone around you. Done! 🙂 

Note: this filled up the slow cooker about 1/3 or so of the way. you can definitely double/triple if you’re serving more people, like if you’re tailgating or something! Happy eating!

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Happy National Championship and Countdown to the 2013 Season Day! Only 236 days until the Oklahoma State University Cowboys will take the field in Houston, TX at Reliant Stadium against the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. Not that I’m counting down and planning my outfit already or anything… 

Friday after work I stopped at Ulta to pick up new mascara after thinking my eyes were going to be scratched out of my face from being so allergic to the cheap-o stuff I’d purchased a few days before.

I got the ck one mascara in black and so far it’s not bothering my eyes at all or flaking off. #winning. While I was there, I picked up Baby Lips Peach Kiss because my lips have been super dry. Another winner. Try it if you haven’t yet.

Momma and I met at the Pink House (aka Royal Nails, for you Tuttle-ites who Google for the phone number and can’t find a listing for the Pink House anywhere…don’t worry it only took me almost two years to figure this out) for pedicures. I was so excited, because I hadn’t had one in forever. While the little feet water basins were filling, they asked if we wanted manicures as well. After just a bit of prodding, mom and I agreed. I’ve never had a gel manicure before – when I went to Le for, like, ever, I did acrylics (even when I had a full arm cast and he had to paint my “thumb” right onto the cast itself!) then I stopped going at all because no one was as awesome as Le, so I just painted my nails myself and increased my Essie collection! Anyway, mom said my aunt gets gel nails, and since we remembered hers looking great, mom and I decided to try it out. 
Definitely worth it. Definitely going to be getting it again. Hopefully next time I need my nails done assuming I have time when these wear off. I told mom “I think I’ll go out on a limb and not get the brightest pink they have this time.” Ha. I ended up with the brightest pink they had, of course. On the gel: no dry time, no air bubbles, they haven’t gotten scratchy or chippy yet (I know, it’s only been a few days, but I typically have to repaint my nails every 3 days or so) and they are SO shiny!! They have matching regular paint too so my toes match, which is always a plus.
They remind me of Barbie doll color. Love!
I didn’t intentionally show off my rewards cards & flash drive for this picture.
I just wanted a picture of my nails right away to see how long they stay looking perfect 🙂

Saturday I had to run to the Apple store to replace my cracked iPhone 5 screen. Word to the wise: make sure you buy Apple Care with your iPhone 5. They can’t replace the screen in store and every non-Apple place I found on Google was at least $300. Instead, they just give you a new phone. Cool deal. For $229. Not cool deal. Thankfully the sales person was super nice and told me about Apple Care (I had no idea I needed it before), so for only $49, I’m protected for the next two years against a broken-in-any-way iPhone and can get repairs for $49 instead of $229. Knowing myself well, I decided it was a wise investment. With any luck, I won’t need it.

Saturday night I was treated to a fancy pants night at the Warren Theatre. We went to see Django Unchained in the Director’s Suite. Boys, take note: this is the way to take a girl to the movies if you want it to be a really awesome night! I was told to bring my ID (you have to be 21 to be in the Director’s Suite) but I thought it was just a joke, so I wouldn’t get ID for being a teenager (We went to Remington Park once and I forgot my ID and they didn’t let us in because I didn’t look 18. I was 22).

Anyway, the Director’s Suite is so wonderful, with fluffy heated recliners that were so big I basically curled up into a ball for the whole movie. Oh, the movie was fabulous too. I’m not a bloody movie type of girl, and was told we were seeing either Django or the Hobbit. Simply because of my bloody movie fear (slash induced nausea at the sight) I secretly hoped it was going to be the Hobbit, but was happy to go along with whichever, since I’d heard Django was supposed to be good. It was awesome and definitely I’m glad we saw that over the Hobbit! If you are at all into good movies, go see it! In case you haven’t guessed, I had an amazing time and a fantastic Saturday evening 🙂

Sunday was a day of relaxing, basketball and football. Thankfully the Thunder won again – I never get tired of seeing Nick Collison on TV and the post game interview featured my #CelebrityCrush.

I know, I know. Long weekend update. It was a good weekend though, and I didn’t even have to mention anything about OU losing their bowl game. #oops 🙂 Happy Monday, friends!

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First Friday of 2013!

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High 5, Friday! 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year, and to prove this point, I’d like to share a few awesome things from the week.

1 & 2. New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day
Hello great day. You, NYE2012, were not a typical Monday. You brought sleeping in, buying a memory foam mattress topper, an afternoon with my Little, an OKC Thunder game (and win!) AND walking around Bricktown! New Years Day, among other awesome things, brought the first Cowboy win of 2013. I’d say we’re starting this year off right, you think? No joke, NYE and NYD (can I do that?), you two days are definite winners in my book. High. Five.

3. Sleeping
Alright, we all love sleep, I know. But like I said, I got a memory foam mattress topper on NYE, and to make it even better, I got it for cheap. Thanks to an incredible sale at Kohl’s and the Kohl’s Cash my mom gave me, I literally paid just over $5 for the most wonderful thing I’ve ever slept on. Regardless of how late I got home on NYE night, I was determined to put it on my bed. And oh my goodness I am so glad I did. I’ve probably thanked my mom at least eight times for giving me the Kohl’s Cash to help buy the heavenly cloud-like surface I’m sleeping on, but I mean when I say it is amazing. Mom also had a new pillow that she gave to me, which is the perfect combination of fluffy and firm. I’ve seriously been having the best nights of sleep EVER for the last four nights. When you add on the footie pajamas I got for Christmas, sleep couldn’t get much better.
Yes, that is my sideways foot that only goes to the beginning of the fox’s eye.
4. The conversation I had with my Big on Thursday. 
It went from bragging on my social media skills to her calling me out on missing some very important/interesting news that I should have easily known well before our conversation had I actually been my social media ninja self lately. No worries, I’m stepping up my game. This made the high five list because the best conversations we have are typically hilarious and out of nowhere, and I’m so thankful for people like Caylee 🙂
5. Tate “saying” Go Pokes, much to his Sooner Mommy’s dismay 🙂 
Lori & Tate came to watch Kaden play basketball against Minco Thursday night, and Auntie Shae had to teach him new tricks. We are also working on “Go Panthers!” and the Lori-approved “Go Kaden!”
Bonus: I’ve actually blogged multiple times this week. Guys, we might be onto something. Go 2013! 🙂
PS – happy ORANGE FRIDAY! #duh.

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Oklahoma/Chevron iPhone Background

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I (clearly) love Oklahoma{State} so it’s only natural Siri (aka my iPhone…original, I know) would want to wear a cute  chevron pattern with a giant orange Oklahoma in the middle! If you’d like your phone to wear these too, just save to your phone and use as background image. If you’d like another color combination (or for a different phone), just let me know by emailing!

Lock Screen:

Home Screen:

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